Singing Creek Where the Willows by Benjamin Hoff

The Singing Creek Where the Willows Grow

By Benjamin Hoff
For High School & College Students

Benjamin Hoff – best-selling author of the Tao of Pooh has written a wonderful biography of Opal Whiteley. His book also reprints her original diary – in it’s original form. This is the best Opal book, and biography available. Lots of pictures and Oregon history!  Benjamin Hoff is the best-selling author of The Tao of Pooh and Teh of Piglet. He often visits Cottage Grove when there is an Opal Celebration.

only opal book

Only Opal – for Young Readers – Elementary School Level

ONLY OPAL, by Jane Boulton with illustrations by Barbara Cooney.

This is a great introduction for younger readers from kindergarten though elementary grades. Artwork by award wining artist Barbara Cooney! This is quite easy for children to read – or to have it read to them. Paperback.

opal, the Journal of an understanding heart

Opal, Her Diary in Poetry Form for Middle School & Above

Opal, The Journal of an Understanding Heart by Jane Boulton.

First published in 1975 this is an excellent book – especially for lovers of poetry.