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Opal Whiteley Has Been Called A Genius, Mystic & Great Nature Writer….But, also a Fraud and a Madwoman

Explore the Research below by Stephen Williamson

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Opal’s Fairyland Diaries

Over 180 Newly Uncovered Entries From Ages 9-19!

Discover …”The Last Literary Mystery of the 20th Century”

With Research Notes by Steve Williamson

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opal whiteley as a young child in school

Dating the Diary Entries - 10 Criteria

Ten Ways to Date the Diaries

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opal whiteley unusual language oregon

"Opalisms" - Her Unusual Language

Opal Writing Style from Ages 9 to 19

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uncle henry opal whiteley

The Secret of Uncle Henry

Opal’s Mentor and Angel Father?

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Meet Opal's NEW Pets in Fairyland

Over 35 Pets and Three Trees

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opal whiteley diary fragment found in dorena

Diary Fragment from 1909 Discovered

A Scrap of Opal’s Original Diary Found in Dorena, Oregon

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Oregon Religious Leader Believed in Opal

See the letter written in 1920 from Evert Baker, a Christian leader and lawyer in Oregon who beleived Opal’s story of being adopted.

sadie mckibben opal whiteley

The Lost Grave of Sadie McKibben

Click to read about Opal’s friend Sadie McKibben and new findings about her, and the Man Who Wears Grey Neckties.

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An Essay by Opal Whiteley Written at U of O

Read Opal’s Essay for English class, “Our Brothers in the Camps” and commentary/research about her life during that time.

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A Story Written By Opal While at U of O in 1917

“A Blue Day” is a story about a girl and her uncle and how to overcome depression, with added commentary by Steve Williamson.

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The Opal Whiteley Mental Health Report

By Steve Williamson (c) 2007


Did Opal have had Autism/Asperger’s Not Schizophrenia?

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opal whiteley and her sister

University of Oregon Article about Opal Whiteley

Curiouser and Curiouser: Embracing Opal Whiteley


Picture at left shows Opal and her sister Pearl.

Listen to Opal’s Words & Music

Beauty Attends: The Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley

Contemporary folk artist Anne Hills has released a beautiful new CD of Opal’s words put to music. These are not about Opal or inspired by her. Each song is the actual words of Opal Whiteley put to music. Beautiful!
It has many of Opal’s best loved passages set to music.


Read Opal Whiteley’s Childhood Nature Diary

The Story of Opal, Journal of an Understanding Heart

on Gutenberg website


opal whiteley journal of an understanding heart

The Fairyland Around Us by Opal Whiteley

Fewer than 50 copies of Fairyland are known.  See a copy of this beautiful book online! 


View the Original Fairyland Around Us Online

the Fairyland Around Us by Opal Whiteley

A Children’s Documentary Video about Opal Whiteley


Opal: The Spirit of Nature (c) 2020 Singing Creek Educational Center

This lovely video is produced by Singing Creek Educational Center in Cottage Grove, a non profit that creates programs and events in Oregon living history. Karen and “Brook the History Dog” sniff out clues around town about Opal, including an interview with Steve Williamson and others in town.

Nature Explores With Opal Video

With passages from Opal’s childhood diary and an exploration in the woods near Opal’s home, this delightful video captures the playful childhood spirit. Join Karen and “Brook the History Dog” as they listen to the river, get up close with a snail, see a squirrel’s dining table, and more! From our friends at Singing Creek Educational Center.

the flower of stars by opal whiteley

The Flower of Stars, Poems by Opal Whiteley

Read some of the poems in Opal’s book, The Flower of Stars. These are mostly melancholy and speak of unfulfilled yearning.


Opal’s Junior Christian Endeavor Years

opal whiteley with a boy

Opal Whiteley Tour Brochure for Cottage Grove Area

Coming to the area? Download this PDF and tour the areas where Opal lived and played.